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Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete

Ballast Pavers by Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete

A History of Quality Paver Products

Since 1978, Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulically pressed architectural pavers, ballast pavers, concrete pavers, plaza and plaza-deck pavers, pressed pavers, roof pavers, unit pavers, paver pedestal and pier systems, unit pavers and deck tiles.

For specialized applications, we offer LEED-certified pavers as well as a complete line of ADA-compliant walkway pavers.

Our paver ingredient formula combined with our unique manufacturing process ensures the superiority and integrity of our product line.


Multi-Use Paver Applications

From state and federal government buildings to hospitals, universities, shopping malls and office buildings, Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete architectural pavers are suitable for a diverse range of large-scale projects such as roofs, walkways, terraces, plazas and other applications.

Our hydraulically-pressed pavers and structural components have been the choice of commercial, institutional and high-rise residential builders for numerous new construction and renovation projects throughout the United States.


American Made Pavers

Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete, located in Brimfield, Ohio, is centrally based in America’s heartland for easy distribution throughout the country.

Our goal is to deliver the absolute highest quality of American-made architectural pavers, ballast pavers, concrete pavers, LEED pavers, plaza pavers, pressed pavers, roof pavers, solar reflectance pavers and unit pavers to satisfy the architectural and style requirements for a diverse range of projects.


Architectural Pavers for Walkways, Plazas, Roofs, and More

Quality Pavers & Products

Stylish and strong, our architectural pavers are superior to conventional concrete pavers in appearance and performance.


Paver Specifications

Our products have an industry reputation for uncompromising strength, superior durability and outstanding quality.


Paver Colors/Finishes

Offering a wide variety of paver sizes, designs, colors, and textures to accent any building, decor, or landscaping.


Sample Box

Request a Sample Box

Contact us for a brochure and color sample box of our architectural concrete pavers and to learn more about how our pavers and pier/pedestal system can be utilized in your construction project.

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