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Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete – Manufacturer of American Made Pavers

Lasting Beauty • Incredible Strength • Immense Durability

From coast to coast, Sunny Brook’s concrete pavers have been used in major construction and renovation projects where quality, durability and performance are required.

Builders seeking LEED certification and increased energy efficiency incorporate our solar reflectance roof pavers in their specifications, while those whose projects must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) safety specifications rely on our complete line of ADA-compliant paver products.

Architectural Paver Information & Specifications

Quality Pavers & Products

Stylish and strong, our architectural pavers are superior to conventional concrete pavers in appearance and performance.

From walkways to roofing, parking areas to plazas, our concrete pavers and related structural components meet the needs of a diverse range of applications and designs, making them essential elements for both new construction and renovation projects.


Paver Specifications

Our products have an industry reputation for uncompromising strength, superior durability and outstanding quality.

Our manufacturing process uses a hydraulic European press utilizing 460 tons of pressure to eliminate excess water and air, and precision molds to ensure uniform size and texture.

Precision engineering guarantees a product that meets the architectural or engineering specification and complements the overall architectural design and requirements.


Paver Colors/Finishes

Our pavers in your style — we offer a wide variety of paver sizes, colors, designs, and textures to accent any building, decor, or landscaping.

Choose from our standard color options, request a specific color blend or create your own unique appearance with our custom color service.


Sample Box

Request a Sample Box

Contact us for a brochure and color sample box of our architectural concrete pavers and to learn more about how our pavers and pier/pedestal system can be utilized in your construction project.

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