Rooftop Paver Projects


Rooftop Pavers – Solar Reflectance Pavers – Roof Deck Pavers – Ballast Pavers

Rooftop Patio Pool Architectural Pavers
Rooftop Patio Pool Architectural Pavers
Commercial Rooftop Walkway Architectural Pavers
Solar Reflectance Rooftop Architectural Pavers
Commercial Roof Pavers Install
Commercial Textured Concrete Roof Deck Pavers
Commercial Concrete Ballast Pavers
Commercial Rooftop Paver System

Sunny Brook’s pressed concrete pavers are considered the industry standard when it comes to rooftop pavers. The pier/pedestals system helps dissipate heat and manage storm water runoff, and the high reflectivity and emittance value of our solar reflectance roof pavers increase energy efficiency — a key advantage to those builders seeking LEED certification. These qualities make our rooftop pavers ideally suited for large commercial or government buildings, schools or major industrial projects.  More Examples

Contact Sunny Brook to learn more about how our rooftop pavers and pedestal system can be utilized in your construction project.
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