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Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete Pavers and Products

Architectural Pavers for Multi-Use  Applications

From state and federal government buildings to hospitals, universities, shopping malls and office buildings, Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete architectural pavers are suitable for a diverse range of large-scale projects such as roofs, walkways, terraces, plazas and other applications.

From coast-to-coast, our hydraulically-pressed pavers and structural components have been the choice of commercial, institutional and high-rise residential builders for numerous new construction and renovation projects throughout the United States.

Architectural Pavers for Walkways, Plazas, Roofs, and More

Quarry Stone Textured Pavers

Quarry Stone Textured Pavers

Our manufacturing process combines the aesthetic appeal of a decorative aggregate with the strength of concrete to create pavers that are strong, durable, and beautiful.

Quarry Stone Textured Pavers

Distinct Textured Pavers

Our pavers come in slate top, stippled, diamond, quarry, or bricked-faced textures, with a wide range of colors that can be blended to create a distinctive custom appearance.

Special Application Pavers

Special Application Pavers

Unique challenges need our unique pavers. We offer ADA-compliant pavers, LEED-certified pavers, solar ballast pavers, and drain pavers – all designed to meet your specific requirements.


Ballast Pavers by Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete

Paver Piers / Paver Pedestal System

Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete manufactures and distributes only the highest quality paver piers and pedestals.

When used in conjunction with our high-quality pavers, the result is increased stability and support in heavy traffic areas such as vehicular traffic areas or equipment holding areas as well as improved air circulation, excellent drainage and protection from the sun by reducing heat and exposure.

Paver piers are placed under the corners and at the midpoints. They can accommodate custom paving patterns or be easily disassembled into four sections for use on corners and borders.

Pedestal Specifications

Pedestal Brochure


Level, Even, and Uniform Pavers

Paver Pedestal ShimsOur paver pier/pedestal system provides a uniform and even spacing and can accommodate custom designs to fit special paving patterns or easily disassembled into four sections for use on corners and borders. Problem surfaces can be leveled by multiple stacking or implementing 1/16″ and 1/8″ shims.

Energy Efficient Pavers

With their high reflectivity and emittance value, our solar reflectance roof pavers directly translate to a more energy efficient building — reducing roof temperatures during hot months while helping retain heat during colder weather.

Incorporating Sunny Brook roof pavers in the building design offers a key advantage to those builders seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Building Rating System — the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

ADA-Compliant Pavers

Our complete line of products is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) safety specifications.

Paver Specifications

Sample Box

Request a Sample Box

Contact us for a brochure and color sample box of our architectural concrete pavers and to learn more about how our pavers and pier/pedestal system can be utilized in your construction project.

Detailed reports available upon request. Efflorescence (a white chalky-like substance) will be noticeable on the top surface of the pavers. This is common with all concrete-based pavers and will bleed out in approximately one year. All Diamond and Stipple textured products are recommended for use as ballast or weight only.

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